Wedding venues and businesses busier than ever


The busiest wedding months are here, and wedding venues and related businesses say they’ve been busier than ever, in part due to couples moving their weddings due to Covid-19.

“I contacted a lot of places and some were already busy for our date even a year later, so it was difficult,” bride-to-be Beth Bodiya said.

Bodiya is getting married on May 21 at The Barn at Higgins Lake.

“We got engaged in March 2021,” she said. “From there, we were like, where do we want to get married?”

She said it was difficult to find companies to prep, photograph and DJ their special day.

“What we heard throughout the planning process was that because everything was so delayed with COVID, everyone was booking,” Bodiya said.

The Barn at Higgins Lake co-owner Lisa Butler said it was a brand new business at the onset of COVID.

But that hasn’t stopped couples from reserving their room.

“We didn’t know what to expect between a brand new wedding venue,” Butler said. “People started calling us, word of mouth, emailing us, and contacting us on Facebook and social media, and we started booking pretty quickly, actually.”

They are booked until mid-2023.

“I just booked six weddings in one weekend recently,” Butler said.

Sound Productions Entertainment in Clare says it’s generally a busy time for them.

But now they are booked until 2024.

“We’re sold out for this summer for the most part,” owner Jim Paetschow said. “We can’t take it anymore. We get calls every day, hey my weddings in June or July, and it’s like we’re out of place for you, sorry.

Wherever couples go, they’re sure to hear the same advice.

“If you’re a bride, plan ahead,” Paetschow said. “The sooner you book people, the better, the better your selections. You get what you want.

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