Wedding Planning Secrets the Mother of the Bride Should Know


Few things in life are as important to a mom as her granddaughter’s marriage to her soul mate. Even if it’s your granddaughter’s wedding and you want to be involved in all facets of the planning, you should limit your involvement to ensure the planning phase isn’t too hectic for you. Still, if you covet perfection in wedding planning, take a look at some tips that can make your daughter’s big day a dream come true without ruffling the feathers.

Don’t hesitate to hold on

As a parent, you probably want to give your child the wedding of their dreams, but it’s okay to stick to budget constraints and have an open discussion about it. For example, if you can’t book that famous wedding singer, let your planner know that you can’t afford it. If you want a more intimate venue due to budget concerns or even opting out of the water bar, hang in there. The bride will understand that you’re doing your best, so you don’t have to feel pressured to go over budget.

Choose only the specific tasks that interest you

Choose specific tasks that interest you. The main reason being that taking on too much will mean you’ll soon be overwhelmed with everything you need to do before the big day. Things can also get messy for the bride and groom if you get too involved as a parent, so let their style sing through the wedding decor while you choose things you’re passionate about.

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Focus on clear conversations and good communication

You are probably in contact with many suppliers, from florists to decorators and caterers. So, you need to make sure your communication is direct and brief so you don’t confuse the vendors about what your final vision for the wedding really is. Instead of multiple emails and video calls, insist on a short meeting to wrap things up.

Be sure to cc the bride and groom in every email correspondence, so they know! It also helps to avoid misunderstandings and reduce stress levels before the wedding!

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