Ventura County wedding venues gearing up for normal wedding season



CAMARILLO, Calif .– Going to the least restrictive yellow level means fewer restrictions for businesses in Ventura County. This includes the wedding venues.

“It’s been really sad and quiet here all year without the sound of music and happy couples,” said Molly Lyneis, room rental manager at Camarillo Ranch.

Wedding venues like the Camarillo Ranch have had a difficult year and a half canceling and postponing weddings due to the pandemic.

“It has been a difficult time for all the couples who have not been able to celebrate their marriage as planned,” said Lyneis. “We have a few couples who are on their 3rd and 4th wedding date. People always actively booked their weddings in the hope that by the time they did, the restrictions would be lifted. “

Smaller weddings with restrictions were allowed to resume on April 15, and now the wedding season as we knew it is back.

“Tomorrow will be our first full wedding,” said Lyneis. “It’s super exciting. This will be the first time since last March that we will be able to dine and dance here on site. “

Ventura County officially rose to the least restrictive yellow level in the state’s reopening plan on Wednesday, meaning fewer covid restrictions.

“We are now allowed to accommodate up to 200 guests, then more if they have all been vaccinated or have proof of a negative COVID test, then indoors for the reception, we are also allowed to do so” , said Lyneis. “Again with the provision that guests have been vaccinated or have a negative COVID test. “

As marriage restrictions relax, availability decreases. Camarillo Ranch says the rest of the year is very busy – with almost every Saturday booked.

“It’s very exciting that many of our salespeople are back at work, and once again that couples can finally have the weddings they’ve been waiting for,” said Lyneis.

For more information on the Camarillo Ranch website, click here.

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