Mari Pepin Talks Planning a Tropical Wedding in Puerto Rico with Kenny Braasch


In season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, Mari Pepin accepted a proposal from Kenny Braasch.

In a recent interview with Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo on the Talking It Out podcast, the Bachelor in Paradise alum opened up about her upcoming wedding to Kenny Braasch. Pepin, 26, revealed that the couple have not yet decided on a date for their wedding but are in the planning stages.

“We agreed that we were going to do it in Puerto Rico, definitely,” she said. “I have a lot of extended family there – grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone – so we’re all going to meet up there in Puerto Rico.”

“I’ve narrowed it down to, I think, four sites now. We haven’t been to see them all in person yet,” she explained. “But I saw the photos online and I really want to do something outside for the ceremony and something inside for the party.”

Pepin said she struggled to decide on the finer points of the big day.

“We were on this amazing journey of getting into this wedding planning process and coming up with ideas. Oh my God, I have so many ideas now.

she says. “I thought I already had a ton of ideas because I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this, but now I’m like, ‘I want this color’. I want this cake, but I want this cake too! C is the mess.”

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