Madisson Hausburg of Siesta Key says wedding planning is ‘difficult’


If you are an MTV fan nap key, then you already know Madisson Hausbourg and her fiancé, Ich Soto, are one of the sweetest pairs in the series. After announcing their engagement in August 2020, the lovebirds were eager to get married…but the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“It’s really hard to plan a wedding in COVID, you know? It’s something that we obviously never expected, “said Madisson, 25, exclusively. Way of life. “I’ve watched a lot of my friends who were planning to get married last year – the last two years – and their weddings are called off and their whole lives are turned upside down. So we didn’t want to go and plan something and then l ‘to cancel. “

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Plus, Madisson and Ish, 46, decided it was best for their families to delay their nuptials. “There was a lot of hesitation…his parents are older, my parents are older and having people in big groups…it’s a scary thing right now,” the MTV personality explains. “It was a very difficult process; very overwhelming, that’s for sure.

nap key audiences got to see Madisson’s parents meet Ish for the first time. Initially, they had reservations about the couple’s age difference. “They definitely came back,” assures the Florida native.

“I think now they just see him for who he is rather than an age difference, but of course I mean the age difference will always be there and it’s always something we’ll have to deal with. “, adds Madison. “It’s a big thing for me… I’m coming to directing this season, you know? It’s not something I can just ignore anymore. It’s not something that I can just say, ‘It’s OK.’ Because it’s something I think about and it’s something I will always deal with. So, it’s something I have to face rather than just push aside.

In quarantine, Madisson and Ish, who were once producers on nap key, learned a lot more about each other. “I mean we’re together all the time, but we’ve also grown to have these hobbies together that neither of us had before,” Madisson gushed. “Like, now we’re hiking every day and it’s nice to have something together. It’s really nice to create new things with him and create this new life with him.

Season 4 of nap key premieres on MTV Wednesday, May 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

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