Best Wedding Planning Apps of 2021



From wedding websites to invitations, registers to honeymoon planning, Zola covers every step of your wedding journey.

What started as an online registry site has evolved into a universal wedding platform, which is why Zola takes home the award for Best Overall App. With Zola, couples can create a wedding website, budget for the big day, search for venues, sign up for freebies (more info below), design, save dates, track responses from guests, buying bridal accessories, planning the honeymoon and all. Between. Just start by downloading the app (free on iOS and Android devices), enter your wedding date, then start planning.

The interface of the app (and the complementary desktop version) is simple and easy to navigate: the “Your Wedding” tab allows you to find and communicate with vendors, track RSVPs and giveaways, design invitations, etc. It also has comprehensive wedding planning checklists that range from the obvious (celebrate your engagement) to the more nuanced (Catholic brides, don’t forget Pre-Cana). While useful from a high-level perspective, we want these checklists to be organized in sequential order with recommendations on when to complete them, just like a full-service wedding planner would.

Elsewhere you’ll find “Plan,” which contains everything from vendor listings to true wedding inspiration, as well as helpful articles on topics like bridesmaids dress etiquette. “Shop” covers all categories of wedding (housewares, fashion accessories, gifts, decorations, etc.), ceremony programs, etc.).

Zola’s main function, however, is her universal register. Couples can choose from over 1,000 brands in categories such as furniture, table tops, cooking and decor. It is also possible to sign up for cash funds, gift cards, honeymoon experiences, as well as items not sold directly on Zola. Couples can expect free delivery, returns, and exchanges, making this a hassle-free source for all of your wedding needs.

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